Helping undocumented students find scholarship opportunities
through a mobile app.

A little about... DREAMer's RoadMap

"My senior year in high school I had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life when I found out that because of my status I would not be able to afford college. I was told that if I did well in school and was very involved colleges would accept me. That is exactly what I did. Senior year I became President of my academy, vice president of student body, editor of the yearbook and played the lead role in our musical that year. When I found out that I had a good enough GPA to graduate with honors I was convinced that any school would accept me. The time to apply for FAFSA came and I was denied. I thought I had it all, but according to the system I didn't. I didn't have a social to prove that I was here "legally". I spoke to my educators and counselors and no one knew where to direct me to find money to pay for college. I was devastated and I wish that feeling to no one. If this tool were to help at least one student feel confident that they can still make it to college despite their status I would consider it successful. I am creating this tool wishing I had something like this when I graduated from high school."

Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca